Saturday, September 29, 2012


 I have not had one minute to do anything. With Randy working until 10:00 p.m. every night and me being the only driver right now, I have no time for anything. When the day finally does come to an end, I am toooooooo tired to enjoy it and fall asleep. Anyway, here is what we have been doing since school started the end of August. 

Can you figure out what we have been doing.  Yes, football, cheerleading and dance.  Sometimes I feel like a robot.  I pick up kids, drop them off, then pick them up again everyday the same thing.  

The kids are really enjoying the fall.  Talicee is in 2nd grade.  Trevor is in 7th grade and is doing super great.  Brooklyn is in the 11th grade and doing better than expected.  Taylor is off in Nashville at college and loving it with straight A's.  Tyler is finishing his last year of college and then hopefully he will be in the State Police Academy.  So this is our life right now SCHOOL and College.  2 in college at the same time is very rough.  We will have both of their schools paid off before the next one heads off to college.  What a blessing.

I would not have my life any other way.  Enjoy the pics.

Our shells finally came.  They look so pretty

Trevor #22


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