Wednesday, May 31, 2006

We finally received our information on our new daughter. We are still in awe over her. God has given us what we ask for. Here is the most current information we have on her:
Chinese Name: Li Li Qun
American Name: Talicee Faith LiLi Landes
Date of Birth: October 3, 2005 7 months old
Wuhan, Hubei China
Found November 16, 20005
Foster Care November 18, 2005 praise God
Foster care is through the Tuanfeng County Children's Social Welfare Institue, Hubei China Province
Medical Report: Healthy I send this report to our Dr. and he also stated that she was healthy.
Talicee is a great sleeper and eater, as you can tell. She is primarily on rice milk but eats some table food. She is quiet, fond of imitating, loves listening to music, likes playing with toys and picture books. She can be obstinate sometimes.
God has done a perfect job in choosing this child for our family. She fits in every aspect of the Landes family. We are thrilled beyond belief with our new daughter. We are still on cloud 9. We are anxious to travel to Hubei (who,bay) to pick up our new daughter. God's timing is perfect.
A year ago today, our dossier left the US to go to China.


Torrie said...

Wow, Kim!
I've been checking back to your site for updates. It must have been the longest weekend-- so glad it's over and those precious photos are now in your hands.

She is beautiful!! Congratulations!
Fellow CCAIer,
"DVD creation to tell HER story"

Our Journey to Jenna Maria said...

A very big congratulations to you and your family! How cute is she!!! Those cheeks!


Bee's Blog said...

I am glad to see you received the referral package. I know it was worth the wait. Enjoy looking at her cute picture. It will not be long now until you are in China.

Stacy said...

Talicee is adorable! Congratulations!!

Glo said...

Well you got yourself an awfully cute baby girl there. I hope the remainder of this process goes quickly and smoothly for you.