Sunday, April 08, 2007

Our little China Angel sent from God
Mom and Miss Talicee

The Landes Children

The Landes Family

Miss Talicee's First Easter basket

We celebrated Miss Talicee's first Easter today. We started off with the children's Easter baskets. They all got new swimsuits, candy, gum and chocolate. Did I mention that they got plenty of chocolate. Talicee tired a piece before she ate her breakfast. We then had a family breakfast. We did not have to rush this morning since church started at 10:00.

We went to church. It was so fun dressing this morning. I finally had a dream come true. We I was little I always dreamed of having a little girl to dress up in a frilly dress for Easter. Today was that day. Her dress was pink and frilly. She had frilly socks, white shoes, a frilly bow, frilly purse and bracelets on both wrists. I was in heaven. Of course the boys dressed too. They just can't get into the dressing thing.

We had pictures made a church today. We enjoyed our sermon on The Three Crosses. Really make you think about your life. We were all dressed nice, so we took advantage of it. Miss Talicee did great with the pictures. Of course, everyone was trying to get her to smile. Our church just loves Miss Talicee.

We came home and took more pictures of the children. It was cold outside, but we still took pictures outside. Talicee loves to be held by her big brother Tyler. I think it reminds her of her daddy. Tyler is just as tall as Randy is. Moma did get a picture with Miss Talicee also. I just love her so much. All of my dreams have come true.
This is one Easter that a girl always dreams of. I am looking forward to many, many more Easter's with my family.
Thank you God for allowing me to experience this Easter season.


laurel said...

Wow! What a beautiful dress. The whole family looked so great. Happy Easter.

Bobby & Regina said...

You are a beautiful family!! God has blessed your lives so richly. Talicee looks like she's been with you forever.


Emily LinDa said...

Emily loved Talicee's Easter pictures! She tried to eat the screen. We feel so blessed as well. It is incredible how much joy these girls bring to us!