Friday, April 13, 2007

Writing while sitting in my baby seat
I woke up to this scene

Playing Rescue Heros with Trevor

The Weiner Mobile

Miss Talicee climbing on the table

We have been on spring break this week. It has been nice to sleep in a little this week. I mean till at least 6:45 when little one gets up. She will usually lay with me and drink her bottle then want down and go down stairs to watch the Wiggles. She is so smart, that she knows what time they come on and will wake up just before it comes on. She loves the Wiggles. Today she started dancing with them and then was turning around. I have never seen her do this.

She as really enjoyed her brothers being home this week. It has been cold and windy this week, so she has been inside most of it. We have been switing clothes from winter to summer.

Goodwill will love me, I am actually can not believe the clothes that my kids have. They had so many that they did not wear half of them. Now their closests are very bare looking. It is a different story for Miss Talicee. She has enough clothes that she will never wear anything twice. Thanks Aunt Mo.
Talicee has been spending the mornings with her brothers. They will feed her breakfast when they eat. She is really enjoying this. They have included her in everything. They are so happy to have a sister. They do have their moments.

Miss Talicee is getting really good at walking. It has been almost a month since she began and I notice everyday that she is improving. I expect her to be running next week. She is saying more and more. Last night she started saying ginkie (ge ge). It took us a few minutes, but we finally figured out she was talking about ber little blankie. She will say please and sign thank you when she wants something. She is really happy. She laughs all of the time. Even when she is getting in trouble.

Miss Talicee gets into everything. Nothing is safe around here. I clean up, then turn right around and clean up the same thing again. She loves to get into the baskets that I have. Most of you know that I have a lot of baskets. Everyone is being used for something and she will empty them in a heart beat. When she is done she has learned to say epy (empty).
As you can see in the pictures, we have had fun this week. Thursday as I was taking Tyler to baseball practice, I saw the Weiner mobile at the Shell Gas Station. I was so excited. Trevor had an otho appointment later on that afternoon. So I knew I would be coming back that way. So when I got back, I told the kids that I had a big suprise for them. They like to watch FoodNetwork and they have seen the Weiner mobile on there. I did not tell them what the suprise was. Once they got close to the store, they knew what it was. They were excited about it. I thought it was a once in a life time experience. We got stickers and a wiener whistle. They kinda thought I had lost my mind because I was so excited about seeing it.

Well, spring break is about to come to an end. We still have a busy day tomorrow and Sunday. Taylor and Trevor have baseball practice and I will be cleaning out the attic. It is suppose to rain really hard. If it does, Randy and I plan on taking the children to do something special for the day. He has not gotten to spend a lot of time with them lately.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. It was neat seeing and capturing them everyday of this week at home.


becky said...

You need to get TIVO!! Yep, Lilly is obsessed with the Wiggles too! So I record them and we can play them when she is ready. But, I will have to say watching these little ones sing & dance to the Wiggles is so precious.

Talicee is so cute and I love seeing her with her brothers. It is just like here with Lilly and her brothers. Isn't life just perfect?

laurel said...

Love it! Especially the "sleeping chair" scene. You have truly had a great Spring break.