Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another relaxing day on the beach
No schedules no clock just time
If you look hard enought you will see Taylor off in the ocean
Easing into the water

The wind is taking my hat

Checking out the girls

This wind has got to go

You talking to me

Trevor playing in the sand

Taylor playing in the sand

Miss Talicee on the beach

Our vacation is winding down. We have had such a relaxing week. I could stay another week, but I don't think Randy's business and workers would like that. The kids have had a great time. We basically have done nothing but the beach and the pool. The guys have played golf and I have shopped, but other than that, nothing. What a way to relax.

Yesterday, Taylor, Trevor, Talicee and I sat by the water. Taylor would catch hermit crabs and bring them to Trevor and Talicee. Some of them where so small. Miss Talicee just squealed when she would see them move. They played with the sand flees. They loved to see them dig back into the sand. They also had manarays swimming with them. These are the ones that do not hurt people. It is nice to see the kids enjoy what God has created.

I did see a message on one of the boards I am on asking about my ankle. I am doing better each day. Yesterday I walked to the beach. It was a little tough, but I made it. I did loose my balance one time and fall flat on my bottom. It is easier to walk on the hard sand than the wet or soft sand. I think by next week I should be able to walk like a normal person and not on my ball of my foot. Should be using my crutches, but hate them.

Randy's parents are leaving today, so it will just be our family here. We are headed to the beach and then to Boardway on the Beach for some dinner. Nothing exciting here. Just relaxing. Miss Talicee has had a ball. Her first time seeing the ocean was priceless. Of course we have it on video like all the other boys. She has done many first while here. She had her first bite of crab legs and loved it. This girl is going to have expensive taste. She has had some kind of dessert every night. We do not do this at home.

We are having such a great time. I hate for it to end. It has been great having our complete family here to enjoy the wonders of God's creation.

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Beth and Shayna said...

The beach looks amazing and it looks like you are all having so much fun! I am glad to hear your ankle is doing better too.