Friday, June 29, 2007

Sneaking to see what my brothers are doing
3 Cool boys

I am so camera shy (Not)

Can you say Miss Priss

This is the hole that Tyler dug for me

Loving the beach

What can I say?

Looking at the girls??????????? Moma says NO

What a relaxing trip. It has been so nice just to do nothing. I think we have been going full steam since last May when our referral came. With my business and Randy's business and a new baby time has just gone by and we have not had time to really enjoy our new bundle of joy and our boys.
There is only one clock in our condo. We have to find it to see what time it is. This has been so nice. We all have slept passed 6:00. Actually it has been around 8:30-9:00 before any of us get up. This includes the early bird Miss Talicee. Hopefully, she will continue when we get home. I could live this laid back life. I do not feel any stress like I have for a while. Our vacation is almost over. But until the last second, we are taking in all of the relaxation we can get.

Yesterday was a great day. I am still hopping along. I can put a little pressure on my my ankle. I did go shopping and found some cute things. Donna I found Miss Talicee some of the shoes like Madison's. Randy and I had a date night last night. We went to see Evan Almighty. What a great movie. I was laughing so hard, I cried. Then we just relaxed. It is nice when your in-laws agree to watch all 4 kids for us. I think they were looking for a relaxing night too.

Randy took the kids to the beach while I shopped yesterday. Lets say that my phone rang a lot while he was getting Miss Talicee ready. Where is her swim suit, her swimmy, her shoes. It is just a man thing. Anyway, they had a great time on the beach. You see it is 5 men and a beautiful baby. Now that draws a crowd of women. They set out to do what they planned to do. Draw attention.

Today is another relaxing day. We are headed to the beach. I am going to try and see how that works with my foot. I may be in the pool most of the day. Randy and his Dad are playing golf and then we are taking the boys shopping. Just think, boys that want to go shopping. Their money is burning a hole in their pocket. I love it. Shopping boys.
Yesterday's pictures where taken by Randy. We only have a few. I am going to take more today. Enjoy.

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laurel said...

Maylin has that same swimsuit! Miss Talicee is darling. Your family looks like they are having fun!