Monday, July 02, 2007


Wow, this water is deep
Me and my daddy

Tyler's creation
He will be single a long time

Our top model

Senor Frogs at Broadway at the Beach

Biker clan
These are the pictures from our last day on the beach. It was so nice. There was hardly anyone on the beach. The kids had a great time. They got to fly their kites without running over people. One little girl even came over because she wanted to fly the kite.
The boys actually used their minds today. Instead of computers, xbox, playstation 2 and tv, the boys actually built sand castles and used their imaginations. I was amazed at what they came up with. The boys played in the water. Miss Talicee went into the water and played for the longest time. Randy, Trevor and Miss Talicee went for a walk looking for sea shells. Of course, crip here just sat and watched. It is very hard to walk on the beach with a sprained ankle.

After coming in from the beach, we headed out to Senor Frogs. Randy and I had been to the one in Cancun, Mexico and loved it. We knew the kids would love it also. The waiter was so good. he made the kids laugh and laugh. We just enjoyed the relaxing time we were having. We knew that Sunday would be a long ride home.

We got up and left about 10:30. Had breakfast and hit a few beach shops. Money still burning the boys pockets. We headed home. The ride was rough on me. I had done way too much this week and did not use my crutches. So now I was paying for it. My pain pills were packed and I could not get to them. I know that was dumb. So we stopped and I got some aleve. It helped for a while. I just needed to walk around. We arrived home late Sunday afternoon. The boys were so good. They helped unload and then helped put things away. I headed to the jacuzzi to work on my ankle. Boy did that feel good. We all were in bed by 9:00. It is nice to be home.

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