Saturday, June 02, 2007

You know when you are getting old when........


Tyler receiving his class ring

Proud brother with his sister

Proud upcoming JR with new class ring

Your first born baby boy gets his class ring from High School. Yesterday was the ring ceremony for the up coming Jr.'s at Tyler's high school. My mom and dad, Miss Talicee and I attended. It was a good ceremony. The class of 2009 was very excited to get their class rings. I can not believe that Tyler will be a a JR in high school this fall. I remember the day he was born. Which was a big surprise because he came 2 weeks early and weighed 8 lbs. I think if he was born on time he would have been a 10 lb baby boy.

I know that this is suppose to be Miss Talicee's sight, but I am so proud of my boys, I have to share what they are doing too. Since they are a part of her life too, they can share a site. School is almost out for the summer, so we are very busy with year end activities.

We have a few more first with Miss Talicee. Next month is our 1 year Forever Family Day. Big day planned for her. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Tyler and one of his accomplishments.


Robin said...

That is so cool that they have a ring ceremony. Makes getting the class ring all that more special. I know how you feel about being "old". Believe it or not, my youngest will be a junior in college. YEP. COLLEGE. Now that is old. I noticed your son and my daughter had the same graduating year but her's is from college.. UGH.. I AM OLD !!!

Lindsay said...

Hey Kim! I can't believe that Tyler is going to be a Jr. in high school! I remember when I used to babysit him!!!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing what you guys are up too on here!!! Have a great week!