Sunday, July 08, 2007

What a great day for a picnic. Miss Talicee and I followed our friends to the park in downtown Denver. We were going over to friends from our travel group's house after the picnic. I think all downtown areas are all of the same.
We arrive at the picnic. It was already getting crowded. We checked in and picked out our spot under the shade tree. It was going to be the hottest day since we were there. So we picked the biggest tree in the park. We got settled in and our travel friends showed up. It was such a blessing to see them. The Smith's are first time parents. So while in China they picked our brains a lot. We loved it.
Miss Talicee and I spent most of the day with the Smith's. Our hearts were just so warm to see them. I had to admit that I cried when I saw them. It is like we have known them all of our lives. We visited some of the activities. Miss Talicee decided that she wanted to get in the water. They have an area where the water pops up in different places. I put her bathing suit on and off we went. Well, as soon as she saw the water pop up, she decided it was not for her. Greg took her and Lilly in the water. This still did not work. By now it was about nap time. So we walked over to the stage where everyone was listening and dancing to music. Lilly hopped right up and started dancing. It took Miss Talicee a while, but soon she was right there with everyone else. After a while, we decided that it might be time to go over to the Smith's. They had invited us to come and have dinner and play for a while. I will do another show of the 2 girls playing together. In China, they would not have anything to do with each other.
I do have to say that CCAI knows how to put on a show. We had a great time and once again thank you Beth for helping me out. I could not have done it without you.

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