Tuesday, July 03, 2007


June has just flown by. Miss Talicee and I were so busy in June that it just got away from us. We went to Denver, then came home for a week and then headed out for vacation. She has not had time to really enjoy the summers here in Va.
I can't believe that she is 21 months old today. She is growing too fast. She is talking more and more. Alot of it is jabber, but she is trying. She will say words back that you say. Got to watch what we say now. Used to be that we could spell everything, now that the boys can spell, we can't do that.
Miss Talicee loves any kind of water. While we were at the beach, our condo had a pool. I had to watch her every move. It was a regular pool with no baby pool fenced in. Here at home she just goes about her business at her pool. She will jump in a big pool in a heart beat. She got a wa wa baby (water baby) while we were on vacation. She loves this baby. Yesterday, she got her American Doll out and wanted to put it in the water with her wa wa baby. She is just so smart. I just sit and watch her as she does things. She just amazes me on what she can do.
July is the month that we flew to China to get our angel. Actually, July 4th was the day we flew out. Where did our year go with our little girl? We are going to celebrate our Forever Family Day on Saturday. It is actually on Tuesday, July 10th, but everyone can not come on a weekday. July 16th is Tyler's 16th birthday, so we have a full 2 weeks ahead of us. I can't believe that I am celebrating having our angel girl in our family and my baby boy's 16th birthday. I feel really old.
This has been the most amazing year. Many, Many changes in our lives. My children are the center of my world. I thank God everyday for the wonderful gift of children he as given me.

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Beth and Shayna said...

Happy 21 months old Miss Talicee. It was so great to finally meet you in June and we hope to see you all again. She is growing up so fast. That happens I guess when we are kids, time is soooo slow. And then we are adults and the time flies with a blink of an eye. I cannot even belive you have a 16 year old. Crazy! Have a wonderful holiday and celebration. There is lots of love and happiness to celebrate.