Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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Happy 4th of July
Today marks a bittersweet day for the Landes family. A year ago today, we began our final lap of our journey for our precious daughter from China. We flew out today, July 4, 2006 to Beijing, China. I have mixed emotions. I am so happy that she is in our family and then I am sad that the time had gone by so fast. I remember every detail of our trip and her precious face. As the tears stream down my face right now, I can not express how happy the Landes family is with this little girl. The emotions will just get worse as the week goes on because I will be reliving our Forever Family day.
This is also the last first holiday that Miss Talicee will share. We have been through all of the holidays of the year with her. It just does not seem possible. As we savor these special times with our family, we want to thank God for the awesome gift of parenthood. There are challenges but each challenge brings us closer and closer to our children.
Have a great July 4th.

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