Friday, June 20, 2008


Today was the day that the kids wanted to do something different. So we headed to Broadway at the Beach. Randy and Trevor went to the Magic Quest. The other 2 boys were suppose to go, but decided not to go. Talicee and I headed to the Build a Bear shop. While we were in line, Tyler and Taylor showed up. Tyler got in line to build a bear also. Miss Talicee had the best time. She laughed and played while doing the stuffing. She had a hard time deciding what outfit for her bear. Tyler also had a great time dressing his bear. It is actually for Lindsay. Taylor just stood around and watched and laughed as we did our thing.

Tyler and Taylor went to a movie while Trevor made himself a bear. He also had a great time doing it. Then we headed off to lunch. It was really good. We sat outside and felt the cool breeze in our hair. This is very uncommon weather for Mrytle Beach in June. Afterwards, we were waiting on the boys to come from the movie when we happened upon the Ride Maker shop. This is like build a bear, but for cars. The boys had a great time with this. While we were in there, a very bad storm came in. So while the boys finished their cars, Miss Talicee and I went next door to Libby Lou's. Oh, what a mistake. She loved this store. It is a girly girl store. It was raining so hard, that we had to wait in there for about 30 minutes. I got lucky and did not buy anything thing. But she wanted to do what the little girls were doing. Maybe in a few years we will do that.

We came back to the condo and fixed dinner. Randy's parents are leaving tomorrow, so we got some things together for them to take back for us. (the 4 sets of golf clubs). Then we headed out again. Randy wanted to go the the Bass Pro Shop. So why not, it is located in the mall. Miss Talicee and I shopped while they shopped in Bass Pro. We had coffee from Starbucks, Miss Talicee had m & m's and headed back to the condo. It has been a very fun and relaxing day. Tomorrow we will spend most of the day on the beach. We are having dinner at a little hole in the wall tomorrow. It is soooo good. Enjoy the slide show. We had fun making the pictures.

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