Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Ok, having a little girl is so different than having 3 boys. She gets in so much more trouble than her brothers. In this pictures she has written on the wall with a crayon. Thanks goodness for the magic eraser. I own stock in them LOL. She got all of it off. About 6 months ago we lost the thermometer. She does not like it, so I assume she throw it away. Well while cleaning out the humitifier, we discovered the thermometer in the bottom of it. Who would have guessed. What will it be tomorrow?
Our potty training has been going great. We are fully potty trained. We still wear diapers at night because I needed to us them up. But we are dry every morning. She loves to wear underwear. This has been the only easy thing with her. The boys were very hard to potty train.
Tyler and I viewed his senior pictures yesterday. I cried while we were viewing them. I will have a slide show from the photographer in a few weeks. It will have music on it, so just a heads up. Our appointment was at 9:30 and we left at 12:00. Yes, they were that good and we had the hardest time deciding. Thanks to Grandma and Pat for helping us.


laurel said...

Congrats on the potty training! What an exciting event. We have trouble with wall writing. All my kids did it, boys and girls alike. Maylin is into drawing on the tile too. Only one other of my kids did that.

Susan Appleton said...

Oh Kim, ENJOY those little scribbles! What I wouldn't do to have those on MY walls!!!!!!! (Ok, once we get Rebekah, I'm sure I will deny ever saying that! hahahahahahahahaha) I love the picture of her cleaning the walls with the magic sponge! HOW PRECIOUS!!!!!!!
Love you girl!