Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok, I know you bloggers out there got a kick out of my Friday morning. I just packed up things and headed home. As you can hear the song on the slide show, Home is where I wanted to be. I get the warm fuzzy feelings when I go home. I still miss being home even though I have lived in the Roanoke area for 20 years.

This weekend was my 25th class reunion. Yes, I am that old. I know it is hard to believe. LOL I sure don't look like it. Just kidding, I feel like it. We started our weekend off by going to a tailgate party at the Homecoming of our high school. I do have to say, I did not recognize some of the class members. Some have not come to previous reunions, so I did not know them. What a great night for a ballgame. I got to see one of my classmates that I have know since we were babies. It was so good to see her. I can't believe that she has a daughter in college. After the ballgame, we hung out at Pizza Hut for a while. It was great just catching up with everyone. Many of my classmates have grandchildren. I had to ask again if I was hearing right. Yes, they have grandchildren. Then there are the ones (me) who have toddlers.

Saturday, we had a picnic at one of the local park. The weather was perfect. The kids had a ball playing on the play ground while the adults talked and caught up again. The food was great also. Randy and I took Tyler, Taylor and Miss Talicee to my cousins for applebutter making. Trevor had a football game, so Dad brought him back down to play. They had a great day just being together. My sister watched my kids for the rest of the day. Talicee had a great time. She got her face painted and played and played. Taylor ended up in the creek wet. And of course, Tyler is too big to do kiddy things so he just enjoyed the stirring of the applebutter.

Randy and I headed to our dinner with my class. Some more classmates that did not go to the other 2 events showed up for dinner. Some more catch up times. I just had some much fun learning about all of them. Times sure have changed.

I had not planned to attend the dance that we were going to have. I had to leave very early for Ohio on Sunday morning. But things changed. Everyone wanted Randy and I to go for a little while. Still more different classmates showed up. More catch up. Finally about 10:00 we tired to leave, notice I said tried to leave. I had to make my way to everyone and say goodbye. Boy what a job. It was kinda sad saying goodbye. But the memories of the past and this weekend were great. I do have to say this was a great class reunion. Looking forward to seeing more classmates in 5 years.

We arrived home about 12:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and I went to bed and got up at 3:30 am. So why did I go to bed? Headed for Ohio on Sunday and got back about 11:00 pm on Monday night. It has been a busy weekend, but I would not have changed it for anything.

The song that is on the slide show is one of my favorites. It reminds me of home so much. I miss home sometimes. It is nice to go home every once and a while. Enjoy the slide show.

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