Saturday, October 25, 2008


We had our annual Families with Chinese Children bonfire and cookout at our house tonight. I know you are thinking, she just got home from the ER. Well, life must go on. Told you our life was boring (NOT).

We had a geat time. It is always nice to get together and just talk about the adoption world. We always like to welcome our newest members and new babies. Miss Melissa is so cute. Very quiet. Sure is different than Miss Talicee. Today I could take quiet.

We were done and cleaned up and ready to go to church for our next activity tomorrow by 8:30. We have a church picnic tomorrow and then Trevor has a football game. We never stop any more. This week is just a busy. We are trying to tie up ends before we leave in less than 2 weeks. Can you tell I am counting the hours and days. LOL


Susan Appleton said...

Loved the pictures! You guys looked like you had fun! CUTE BABIES!!!!! Thanks for sharing...we missed being with you guys this time...hopefully we can catch ya' at Christmas!
Love ya' girl!

Anonymous said...

It was fun catching up on Miss Talicee and family. She has grown up!