Monday, October 27, 2008


Trevor's football team won their game yesterday. This means they will play in the superbowl on Saturday. His team has done so well this season. Trevor is the smallest on the team, but with the biggest heart. He never gives up. He has never played football before and he loves it. We are very proud of him.

This week we are ending football season. Trevor has his last game on Saturday. Taylor has his last game on Thursday. And, o my, tears flowing, Tyler plays his last home football game at LB on Friday. They are headed to the playoffs, but Friday will be the last of the home games as a Senior. We also have to order graduation announcements this week. Where is the time going?

We are still trying to decide where he wants to go to college. We keep joking that there will be no early decisions from colleges in our house. I guess he is concentrating on football right now. Friday night is Senior night. We will get the honor of walking our senior boy across the field. (crying here really hard). We are so proud of him. He was one of the littlest on his team, like Trevor, and now he never comes off of the field. Oh what a week we have.

Tyler is better today. His knee is healing up. He is off of practice for the next 2 days, but will be back in full force on Wednesday.

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