Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, the weathermen were right. We got snow and a lot of it. It is about 2 feet at our house, but we live in the mountains.

We had planned for today to be our family baking day. What a great day for it. The kids really enjoyed baking their Christmas goodies. We were suppose to use some of them tonight for our party, but no one can get to our house. So we will shoot for tomorrow.

We then headed out to play in the snow. We went out about 10:30 and came back in about 1:30. Miss Talicee really liked the snow. She still will not sled down the hill, but that will come. At least she is not my dare devil like Taylor is. Speaking of Taylor, remember Eddie in Christmas Vacation. Well, Taylor is him made over. As you can see he wore nothing but a t-shirt out to blow snow. Nothing surprises me with him. The kids played and played in the snow. We will head back out later to make a snowman. The snow is a little dry, so it will not go together quiet yet. Randy is scrapping our driveway and our road. We really don't need to go anywhere, but you know men. Got to play. Good thing Randy is not working until next year. This snow is not melting anytime soon. I told my kids this is the White Christmas they have been wanting.

As you can tell, we love the movie Christmas Vacation. I told the kids that when we head home for the holidays we will look like the Griswalls. 6 people in a 4 wheel drive and luggage on the top of the car. So if you see us along the way, blow your horn and let us know you read our blog. LOL. All of our activties for the weekend have been canceled. So we are stuck in the house with each other. Good thing our power came back on.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. We had a great time making them. Like someone said, it is like being in a snow globe.


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Becky said...

Beautiful pictures! Today we are doing our baking too! Although the temps are not cold enough for snow, we can still wish for it. I love seeing all your great photos.