Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Today Miss Talicee will have her adoption story air on our local TV station. Back in January, one of the local newscast came and talked to her and Randy and I. She did so well. I thought she would just clam up, but no she was right there answering all of the questions. Look out TV world, Miss Talicee may have a career there.

It will air in our local community on WDBJ 7 at 6:00 p.m. tonight. It will also be available on their website on Wednesday or Thursday. We are so excited to see the story and how well she takes to the camera. The ones that know her, the camera is her friend.

Here is the website to see the whole video clip of our interview.




Sue Lucas said...

Hi Kim I can not wait to see this beautiful story.She is such a precious sweet little girl.She is blessed to be a blessing.

Susan Appleton said...

Hey Kim and Talicee! I loved watching the newscast tonight! Talicee you were ADORABLE!!!!!!! I even went online and watched the extended interview! Great job guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the newscast! I am glad you were able to share with us that link. It was so funny to see Talicee doing the Chinese eyes!!lol Gee, did she see her brothers do that by chance? I know that my boys are bad about teaching Lilly things like that. It was great seeing and hearing you at the same time, I really hope one day we can meet. Hugs to Talicee!