Monday, April 05, 2010


I started the day off with breakfast with my sister. She is moving and needed to get rid of lots of boxes of clothes. I came home and it was about lunch time. Fixed Miss Talicee and the boys some lunch and it was nap time. After nap time we headed out to work on the yard, clean the cars and the garage. Taylor was working. Tyler feel asleep and slept until 5:30. Hope he sleeps tonight when he gets back to school.

I washed my van. It was so dirty. I need to clean it out tomorrow when I get out all of the boxes. I will wash the trooper tomorrow after I take Taylor to work. Trevor and Miss Talicee are headed to their grandparents for a few days. What will I do?

After dinner, the kids and I headed back outside. While enjoying God's spring blessings, a bumble bee kept coming very close to me. I grab my camera and took shots of him. It was like he was posing for pictures. Where ever I went, he went. If you look very hard you can see him in the pictures. Randy, Trevor and Miss Talicee took off on the 4 wheeler. Trevor is not big enough to ride it on his own. So he has to wait for Dad to come home from work. I do not feel comfortable riding him and Talicee. Tyler is back at school. The kids are in the bed and I am not far from it. Enjoy the pictures.


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