Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Well, Christmas is over for us. We visited Randy's parents over the New Year Weekend and had Christmas with them. The kids really enjoyed their gifts and their time with their grandparents. I am glad that the holidays are over. We have eat so much during these times. So looking forward to getting back to our more healthy eating habits. My body can tell that we are off of the regular routine.

The kids went back to school today and I went back to work. It was nice having time to spend with them. I got a lot done while I was off. Today the girls are ready for an early nap. So it will be quiet for a long time today at my house.

We did have a little bit of snow today. Not much but enough to say it snowed a little. It is very cold and windy here, so it will be an inside day for the girls. When one of the vehicles is gone from the garage, they usually play out there. Not today.

Not many pictures to post. Just get too busy doing things. Enjoy the ones I have posted.

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1 comment:

Nate said...

Glad you had a great holiday! Wishing you peace and joy in 2012:)