Wednesday, July 04, 2012


On June 10th, we said good bye to Tyler for the summer.  He left on June 11th for Ft. Benning, GA for training for the National Guard.  What a day for a mother.  I had cried all week because of graduation, but this was a little bit harder to do.  I am saying good bye to my first born.  I am sending him off to an unknown place.  Will be do good.  What will it be like.  I am a mother and I like to know these things before heading into them.  I still to this day can not look at these pictures without crying my eyes out.

We have heard from him 3 times.  He called when he got there.  He called on Father's Day to wish Randy a Happy Father's day and the last time I have heard from him was when he finally got to his housing and he called with the programmed message.  I AM HERE, IT IS HOT, I AM SAFE, YOU WILL BE GETTING A LETTER FROM ME ABOUT THE DO'S AND DON'TS OF LETTER WRITING.  I LOVE YOU MOM.  That is the last I have heard from him.  Hoping for a letter soon.  I have written only once due to the storm situation here.  Hopefully, I can get another one out this week.  I think he will enjoy getting my letters cause I slip him money in there every time.

I do have the message that Lindsay put on FB for me of him saying good bye to his mom.  I listen to it everyday.  Sure do miss my Tman.  Will be glad when Aug. 23rd comes and I see his smiling face again.  Got to go or I will be spelling everything wrong cause I can not see the keyboard for the tears.  This has been one of the hardest post I have ever done.

Like her momma, in tears
Doesn't understand what is going on
Love this one
Randy fighting back tears
Picture says it all
Not pretty when I cry
Having a very hard time
Did not hit her until she dropped him off


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